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How To Start A TV Channel


How to start a TV channel?


A common phrase we hear from a number of our first time clients is “I have no idea how to start a TV channel”. Fortunately, we do! To start your TV channel, you’ll need a professional, flexible and reliable service to both start up and established channels looking to broadcast their content to a global audience.

ViewMedia’s particular expertise is within helping new channels choose the right solution and the right audience for their programming means that they can help with the technicalities of broadcasting, as well as offering specialist advice to ensure a successful broadcasting strategy. Read on to discover our tops tips on starting your first channel.



I have never owned my own TV station, how can ViewMedia help?


We specialise in helping start up channels grow and have many success stories which you can find in our testimonial section.

ViewMedia have a 24 hour MCR for any technical related issues which our staff are more than welcome to help with. ViewMedia are able to help you create playlists, insert graphics and much more.


What services do ViewMedia provide?


We’re currently provide services into Sub Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa and North America with planned further expansions into these regions.

ViewMedia are able to offer services into other regions if need be. This includes television and radio stations as well as data services.


How can I start my own TV channel?


This can be done in one of 3 ways

  1.   Sending pre recorded materials via FTP (file transfer over the internet)
  2.   Delivering a signal via satellite
  3.   Delivering a signal via fibre to our POP (point of presence) at Telehouse North in London


What do I need to set up my own channel?


All you need is content, which can be anything from general entertainment to a religious broadcast.


Can I choose where my content can be seen?


Yes, each satellite covers a particular footprint. Our experienced team would be able to help you decide which region is best for you to target.


How do I get my files across to ViewMedia?


As well as in helping you to create playlists and get your content ready for broadcast (please see above), ViewMedia also accept files via the internet (FTP), hard drive, fibre and satellite.


How do I report a problem or a change?


We have an experienced MCR team, who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


How can I advertise on my channel?


Although ViewMedia aren’t actively involved in this part of the process, our experienced team can help advise you how best to gain profit from advertising on your channel.


As well as multiple success stories and glowing testimonials from our clients (see our news section or case studies) we are happy to discuss your unique requirements. Please contact ViewMedia to get involved and broadcast your channel to millions.