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Channel Playout

Channel Playout

At ViewMedia we can provide agile, flexible playout solutions, with the option of full redundancy. You can rely upon the scheduling and automatic playout delivery of your media playlists, across multiple platforms, on any screen, played through satellite, Fibre or IP. Whether you are a startup or a leading broadcaster, we can provide a playout solution that is tailored to you.

Managed Playout

With 24/7 monitoring by both an automated system and our highly experienced team of engineers, let us take care of the technical side of managing your playout, so that you can focus on what matters to you - providing your audience with great content.

Self Managed Playout

Self-managed playout provides a cost effective, flexible, all-in-one solution, whereby you can have complete control over your content and the tv channels you broadcast through. Manage and oversee your channel playlists, add your own on-screen graphic or advertisements.

Cloud Playout

Cloud playout provides you with a simple playout solution to store and distribute your content without the hassle and expense of traditional TV broadcasting. With this solution, you are fully enabled to alter your channel and playout when necessary, whilst maintaining full control over content.


At ViewMedia we have the tools available to us to ensure the safety and privacy of your content, to avoid any issues regarding copyright violations or piracy of your content, whilst ensuring only your chosen audience are able to view your broadcasted or streamed content.


With public broadcasting, your content will be available to anyone who wishes to view it. Yet, we still ensure your content is securely managed and reliably broadcasted.


At ViewMedia we can provide a complete range of broadcast and media asset management solutions to benefit your organization. Some of the solutions we offer are the processing, management and preparation of content.


Broadcast your content to a specific location and audience around the globe with ViewMedia’s cutting edge content localisation services.


Our leading Metadata management services can provide support for VOD or Online streaming and satellite broadcast platforms, to allow for enhanced content detection capabilities.

Secure Archiving

We will endeavour to ensure that your content is stored securely within a correct digital format, so that you have the ability to access it whenever you choose.

Content Management

With ViewMedia you can trust us to carefully process, collect, deliver and distribute your content across your desired platforms. Regardless of the type of playout solutions you choose, we can provide a full redundancy service to ensure even in the worst circumstances, you can rest assured that your content will be safely delivered.

Live Feeds

ViewMedia can provide you with a reliable end-to-end solution for high-quality live broadcasting. Our team of highly experienced engineers help support the set up and maintenance of your live broadcast.

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