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What is OTT?


What is OTT?


OTT stands for ‘over the top’ and is the practice of streaming content directly across the Internet. As long as you have access to the Internet, either locally or through a mobile network provider, you can access the service anytime you want to.  


If that still hasn’t busted the OTT jargon for you, we’ve explained everything about OTT for you in this blog. 


What type of content is best suited for OTT?


OTT is predominantly known for popularised video-on-demand services, like Amazon Prime, Roku and Netflix. However, App services commonly utilise OTT as well. 


  1. Video: Video is naturally the most popular use of OTT, with large streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Roku, etc. making huge yearly profits. 
  2. Apps: Similarly our App provides a comprehensive range of FTA and OTT services across the globe, operating a fully managed 24-hour playout facility. 


How is OTT delivered?


OTT is delivered directly across the Internet and thus bypasses more traditional channels such as broadband, cable and satellite broadcasting platforms. If you can access the Internet, even if it may be through a mobile network, you will be able to connect to and stream your media content as you please. 


Quite simply, all you need to access on-demand streamed content is a connection to the Internet and a device to watch it on. This could include a mobile or smartphone, laptop, smart TV, etc. 


OTT has gained immense popularity over recent years, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that the more traditional broadcasting networks such as cable are being replaced. In fact, most OTT consumers actually choose to continue using their cable services alongside a streaming subscription to sites such as Netflix or Hulu. In all likelihood, OTT and more traditional forms of broadcasting will coexist and complement each other, giving more viewers access to content from around the world  


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