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Grow your TV Audience in Africa


Reach nearly 40 million households via Intelsat 20



With a population of 1.2 billion people and counting, Africa is one of the world’s fastest growing TV markets in the world, currently with 42% of the market being TV connected with the potential to reach the remaining 58%. Africa has become an essential region for ViewMedia and our broadcast partners with great potential and is well positioned to grow continuously for years to come. Find out how to grow your TV audience in Africa below.

Broadcasting reach and benefits of Intelsat 20 (IS-20) with
View Media

Located at 68.5 degree’s east, IS-20 is the most watched media location and has the connectivity you need and currently reaches over 40 million TV households in emerging markets such as Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa, even offering broader connectivity from Western Europe to sub-Saharan Africa and everywhere in between.

With ViewMedia, Intelsat offers the premier direct-to-home service solution to distribute your channel across Africa reaching millions of households. Benefiting from over 800 channels already carried, 597 channels (49 HD) and 197 Free to Air channels and 6 cable and broadcast video solutions with the ability to connect all viewers quickly.

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More information on how to broadcast to and grow your TV audience in Africa on IS-20 on the Satellite Broadcasting section of our website. View Media’s services also include satellite, OTT and a variety of managed solutions.