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ViewMedia’s Managed Playout Solutions


ViewMedia goes from strength to strength showing the world they are committed to Playout solutions world-wide.

ViewMedia announced in April their expansion to deliver to any platform anywhere.  Today that’s exactly what they are doing. Four weeks after this announcement, ViewMedia are successfully delivering to added platforms, including Sky, via their committed partnerships. This is a very exciting time for ViewMedia, as it was announced today that they have also expanded Managed Playout Services. ViewMedia are now delighted to offer their playout services world-wide.

ViewMedia offer a complete range of playout services that range from simple IP Cloud based solutions to complex multichannel services. This comes on the back of us expanding the platform upon which we deliver our services to our customers worldwide.

Adding to the “incredible value for money” that Chief Executive Officer Awaes Jaswal touched upon in a recent interview, our Managed Playout services include fully managed end-to-end solutions, covering all types of channels, from pre-recorded content channels through to highly complex channels presenting live events, regional variations and advanced on-screen graphics.  

These services will all come with the same standard of professionalism that ViewMedia are known for, keeping in line with the aim of our business, which is to “keep our customers’ channels on-air 24/7 with the highest possible quality”.  The recent expansion makes this even easier as we are able to provide “even more capacity, quality, and reliability than ever before”.

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